No guts, no glory.
What does it take to succeed in business? Risk taking. Preparation. Self-confidence. The same principles that drive extreme athletes to the highest peaks of performance. This action-ready guide shows you how to capture the winning mind-sets of champions-for extreme success in business and life.

You'll discover how world-class superstars like Ty Murray and Carey Hart have turned their passions and skills into thriving entrepreneurial careers. By applying these hard-won lessons of athletic competition to the hard-fought arenas of business, you too can:
  • Take intelligent risks
  • Make lightning-fast decisions
  • Prepare your mind and body for any challenge
  • Leap over obstacles
  • Roll with the punches
  • Define your goals and go for the gold!
The action-packed stories and revealing interviews in this book are designed to excite and inspire you, with inside training secrets, play-to-win game plans, and other fast-track techniques to help drive you and your business to higher levels of success. You'll learn how race-car driver Don Bell applied winning tactics to build a $4 billion company; how surfers Izzy and Coco Tihany made a big splash with their surf school and apparel company for women; how aerobatic pilot and paraglider Mike Angiulo piloted a high-flying, billion-dollar venture for Microsoft; and much more.
The book also features thrilling photographs of these amazing extreme athlete-executives as well as personal and organizational lessons that you and your coworkers can put into action immediately.
Whether you're running a company or rappelling down a cliff, this is what it takes to make the grade in today's fiercely competitive world. So get ready to climb your mountain. Run your race. Ride your bull. You can make a difference-and aspire to be great-in business, sports, and life. The decision is yours.
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