Jim McCormick is a full- time professional speaker, coach, organizational consul- tant and an accomplished skydiver, with five world records and more than 3,000 jumps to his credit, including several at altitudes of 31,000 feet.  He was a member of a international expedition that skydived to the North Pole.  Jim is an engineer, holds an M.B.A., and is a former Chief Operating Officer of an international architectural firm. More

Maryann Karinch is a literary agent, author of fifteen books, and certified personal trainer.  An experienced skydiver, scuba diver, and white-water kayaker, she also competed in endurance racing and is one of the few women to complete the inaugural Eco-Challenge in southern Utah. More information is available at www.Karinch.com.

information is available at www.TakeRisks.com

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