Chapter 1: Extraordinary Is Only the Beginning

Section I: Personal Excellence
Chapter 2: Grow Up to Be a Cowboy - Honor Your Passion

Chapter 3: Flailing Means You’re Not Good at It - Know Your Limitations
Chapter 4: But Can You Backflip in the Boardroom? - Welcome Humility
Chapter 5: Don’t Bail Your Board - Exude Integrity
Chapter 6: Crash Alone, or Win with a Voice in Your Head - To Be a Top Performer, Get Coached
Chapter 7: Give Your Head Some Air - Liberate Your Ideas
Chapter 8: Spawn New Tricks - Be a Stimulus for Passion

Chapter 9: Find Out What Your Gold Medal Is For - Define your Goals
Chapter 10: Climb as Soon as the Weather Breaks - Be Ready to Seize Opportunity
Chapter 11: Roll with the Fall - Practice Resilience
Chapter 12: Stretch If You’re Too Short - Never Give Up
Chapter 13: Think Like a Pilot - Focus Yields Efficiency

Section II: Team Leadership
Chapter 14: Team Elite Is Not Just a Name - Your Team is Critical
Chapter 15: Why Doom Yourself to Failure? - Abhor Mediocrity and Average Behavior
Chapter 16: Wear Gloves If Your Hands Are Cold - Eliminate the Victim Mentality
Chapter 17: Let Your Horse Read You - Influence Others with Your Behaviors and Results

Chapter 18: Help Them to Summit with You - Create Ways for People to Achieve More as Part of the Team than by Going It Alone
Chapter 19: Use Superior Judgment to Avoid Using Superior Skills - Maintain Situational Awareness
Chapter 20: Rush to the Medal Stand - Celebrate Your Victories

Section III: Team Excellence
Chapter 21: Add Ten Feet to Your Jump - Insist on Goal Clarity

Chapter 22: Think the Rush, Don’t Just Feel It - See Risk as a Tool, Not a Threat
Chapter 23: Grapple Like a Chess Master - Manage Risk with Contingency Thinking
Chapter 24: Take the Extra Step - Push to the Edge
Chapter 25: Try Groping in the Dark - Be Fluid
Chapter 26: “Dude, What’s Up with the Bull Riding?” - Focus Outward
Chapter 27: A Great Ride Isn’t Going to Be an Easy Ride - You Have to Find a Way

Appendix A: Bios of Featured Athlete-Executives
Appendix B: Operational Concepts

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